Tommy Hyland – recent interview – uploaded to YT in March 2020

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It’s Chanukah. I cut ’em a break!


I’m taking a few minute break from my gruelling work schedule to respond to you on some Chanukah points. I hate the spelling of Hanukkah. Clearly a designed spelling to assist the non Jewish contingent unable to enunciate the guttural “Ch” sound. Very goyish.

Sadly, due to new strict lockdown protocols, my wife and I are unable to personally deliver Chanukah presents to our grandchildren. Modified modus operandi is to drop off the plethora of presents on their doorstep, and to share their excitement over What’s app or messenger. Also, unable to have a Chanukah party for our family. I also had to cancel a boys weekend (me, sons, grandsons) which was set for a couple of weeks time.

Cant wait for this shit to be over with.

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