Trump Won’t Concede Any Time Soon Say Oddsmakers

The oddsmakers are giving the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers and the winless New York Jets better chances of losing, or winning, than the possibility of Donald Trump conceding the election.

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The odds at are 3/1 that Trump will say “concede” or “concession” in his next public address. Of course, he could say something along the lines of, “We will not concede this election,” and the underdog would cash.

Political betting continues beyond the election with odds on which party will control the Senate next year as well as the Senate and House in 2022. There are also updated odds on the two Georgia runoffs where both Republicans are favored.

Finally, the online gaming site has odds on when a COVID-19 vaccine will be released and which company will be first to market.

Will Donald Trump say concede or concession in next public address?

Yes +300

No -500

What will happen first?

Pittsburgh Steelers lose game -140

Trump concedes election +100

What will happen first?

New York Jets win game -140

Trump concedes election +100

Who will control the Senate in 2021?

Democrats +250

Republicans -400

Who will control the Senate in 2022?

Democrats +100

Republicans -140

Who will control the House in 2022?

Democrats -200

Republicans +150

Georgia Senate Runoff

Kelly Loeffler -220

Raphael Warnock +155

Georgia Senate Runoff

David Perdue -400

Jon Ossoff +250

When will a COVID vaccine be released?

Before January 1 (+110)

On January 1 or later (-150)

Which company will release COVID vaccine first?

Pfizer -300

Johnson & Johnson +300

Moderna +300

Any other company +275

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