Two Bonus Spin Blackjack Side Bets

There will be a new version of the Bonus Spin Blackjack side bet hitting casinos soon. Seeing a preview of the Bonus Spin Xtreme side bet reminded me that there are casinos that still offer the original Bonus Spin bet.

Let’s take a look at both blackjack side bets today. This will allow you to see a side bet that might be in your favorite casino today. At the same time, we’ll preview the new version you should start seeing in casinos soon.

The Original Bonus Spin Blackjack

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The initial version of Bonus Spin Blackjack is quite simple. The first thing to know is that this is an optional $5 side bet. Like other similar bets, players can choose whether or not they want to play the Bonus Spin side bet.

There are two ways to win the Bonus Spin side bet:

  • The player will win even money on that wager if they are dealt an Ace with any first two cards.
  • The play is dealt a natural blackjack. They will press a button to start the Bonus Spin. The player will win the amount of money displayed when the virtual wheel stops.

All Bonus Spin side bets lose if players do not have an Ace or Blackjack in their first two cards. The Bonus Spin wheel may have a progressive jackpot so not all prizes are fixed.

This is one of the more simple side bets in a casino. The new Bonus Spin Blackjack XTreme side bet will not be as simple when it’s in casinos.

New Bonus Spin Blackjack Xtreme

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Bonus Spin Blackjack XTreme will take this side bet concept to another level. The new extreme version of this blackjack bonus bet links all table games on the casino floor to one progressive jackpot. This is kind of a big deal for blackjack players who often see smaller progressives since they appear to hit more frequently.

As we mentioned recently, blackjack players don’t win huge progressive jackpots frequently in some other table games like Pai Gow Poker. That progressive money will become part of a blackjack progressive pool if a casino decides to activate this feature. This could lead to some huge wins at this blackjack game.

This table game side bet has three progressive jackpot levels. There’s also a popular slot machine-style progressive that players love. The “Must Hit By” jackpot means that a bonus will be paid out by the time the progressive meter reaches a certain dollar amount.

For example, if a “Must Hit By” is set for $200, a player at one of the linked games will win a bonus by the time the meter reaches $200.

This version of the Bonus Spin side bet is slightly more complex than the original. The Bonus Spin wheel has three sections instead of one.

  • Inner Wheel: Displays community prize for everyone playing the side bet.
  • Middle Wheel: Displays a hot spot for a different prize for one participating player.
  • Outer Wheel: Displays the main prize.

In an interview with CDC Gaming, John Hemberger, AGS’ senior vice president of table products said the following about the bet.

“What makes Bonus Spin Xtreme a game-changer is its ability to provide one unique progressive jackpot winner for community-style table games like roulette, baccarat, and craps while enabling all participating players to be rewarded with a community prize”

This and all side bets are geared towards recreational blackjack players. Bonus Spin Xtreme is taking the more popular progressive jackpot features from slot machines and bringing them to table games. Regardless of the house edge for the casino, this could prove to become very popular.

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