(U.K.) BBC Sports Personality of the Year – Potential Lock

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For those of you based in the U.K. you are likely aware that BBC Sports Personality of the Year takes place annually in December. The winner is the sportsperson, judged by a public vote, to have achieved the most that year. The recipient must either be British or reside and play a significant amount of their sport in the United Kingdom.

This year the favourite is Lewis Hamilton, who currently sits at odds of 2.10. The runner-up is Marcus Rashford, with odds of 2.37.

Lewis Hamilton has this year arguably become the most successful F1 driver of all time. He has passed Michael Schumacher’s win record and currently sits at 93 wins (91 was Schumacher’s record) and is set to equal Schumacher’s tally of seven world titles and will be the strong favourite heading into 2021. Looking at these stats and this info, it’s understandable to see why he’s the favourite, or is it?

Now for the interesting part. Marcus Rashford this year has been positively plastered over newspapers and online media. He began a campaign several months ago to end child hunger and ensure that children have access to school meals even during holiday periods, due to the financial effect coronavirus has had on families across the country. This campaign was so popularly successful amongst people within Britain that he in fact was able to sway the British government to offer free school meals for children during the Easter holiday when coronavirus was in full swing.

Since then, the government has retracted this offer for any future holidays and a resulting battle has ensued between Rashford vs Boris Johnson in encouraging more support for school children during a time of uncertainty and economic crisis. Today, the government has made another U-turn and is now offering a support package of £400m for children across the U.K., which is a direct result of Rashford’s efforts.

Here are links to current articles that have discussed Marcus Rashford’s endeavours:





Under any other normal circumstances Hamilton would win this award hands down no questions asked. However we are not living in normal times and Rashford’s campaigning to end child hunger strikes a fantastic tune with people who are living under times of a global pandemic, recession, and uncertainty. The final point to reiterate is that this award is voted for by the British public. Besides being one of England’s best footballers, Rashford has won over the people and as a result, I can’t see the British public voting for anyone else.

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