Unibet has such shady bonus policies…

Yesterday I thought about having fun with a few of my mates. We deposited 30 $ on unibet and it showed up as 60 $ due to some kind of bonus (that automatically applies for some reason). Anyway we started playing some roulette and we were really lucky and started winning straight away. Then when we had around 320$ we decided to quit.

Well I couldn’t withdraw my money as it was considered bonus money. I am not interested in the bonus money so we wanted to cancel the bonus so we could withdraw our real part (which should be 160$). However, when we cancelled our bonus deal, it forfeited all our money, leaving us with 0$.

Isn’t this incredibly shady? We basically lost all our money due to some stupid bonus even though we actually were winning in the games. Is there any way to undo this or did we just get robbed by unibet?

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