US Sports Betting to Top $3 Billion This Year

Earnings from the regulated US sports betting market could be over $3 billion for 2021. This according to a report from VIXIO Gambling Compliance. The same report estimates that up to 14 additional states regulating the activity this year, and that the market could generate over $10 billion by 2026.

Their report comes as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo changes course on his opposition to mobile sports gambling, opening the door for the regulation of the lucrative market there. It also could take a significant share out of New Jersey’s betting market.

Sara Slane, former official with the American Gaming Association, predicted New York quickly would become a top-tier state in the sports betting market. “Gov. Cuomo’s embrace of mobile sports betting immediately positions New York to soon lead all other states and generate significant revenue for state coffers,” she said.

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