Variance, Thou Are a Finicky Bitch lol

So yesterday, I made $475 in 4 1/2 hours at a local casino. I made most of my money in one shoe, betting 2×40, 2×50, sometimes 2×60 cause the TC went above 6. I had a lot of good doubles and splits and left pretty happy with how I played.

Today… well, I think the casino knew something was up. I had one good shoe in the 5 hours I was there today. TC hit 6 again and it seemed like I could not win a hand to save my life. I lost probably $400 in that shoe and couldn’t recover because I never saw a TC greater than 2 from 8 am til I left. Seemed like whenever I played from the start, betting the min $5, the count went instantly negative, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I had one chance to raise to 2×20 at a TC2 but that happened once.

So… is it possible to have 10-12 shoes go negative (TC -2 or -3) from the start and never fully recover at the end of the shoe? I sat out way more than played for the last 3 hours. I still lost $610.

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