Wanna be a pro rummy player? Know how to ace your rummy game

Rummy is a skill-based card game that can be played with either 2 or 3 decks depending upon the variations of 13 cards or 21 cards rummy. As you may already know, 2 to 6 players can play rummy online, and because of this, it has become such a competitive game. In this article, we will reveal some of the best strategies to ace your rummy game and become a pro rummy player.

The most important rules for a pro rummy player

  • The first and foremost important strategy for any basic rummy player to become a pro at his/her rummy game is the most simple act of arranging his/her hand of cards, which is often an underrated strategy.
  • Another strategy to ace your rummy game is of counting. When playing rummy online, a pro rummy player should always keep track of the cards picked and discarded by opponents.
  • To be a pro rummy player, always ensure to discard high-value cards that can’t be arranged into a sequence or set, or if you don’t have enough jokers. When playing rummy online, the alternative can be to wait till opponents have discarded the high-value cards that they cannot arrange, which you can then draw to complete your pure sequence.
  • Pro rummy players often draw cards from the closed stack since this prevents opponents from seeing the suit or number of their cards to guess their game plan and hold on to cards that can help them complete their pure sequences.
  • Most players who play rummy online do not stress the importance of creating their lifelines as soon as possible. Your pure sequence and impure sequences are of utmost importance since these are a requirement to win the game. Pro rummy players always focus on melding their pure sequences and sets as soon as the game begins.

How to be a pro rummy player?

To be pro at playing rummy online, you must first acquaint yourself with all the rules of the different variations of rummy, like the 13 cards rummy, 21 cards rummy and 13 cards marriage rummy. These are some of the most popular variations of the rummy game that pro players usually excel at. Moreover, the different types of rummy games need to be explored by a pro player. By practicing the above 3 important strategies in all of the various modes like free rummy games, cash rummy games and online tournaments, you will be able to ace your rummy game.

Despite following all the above guidelines, many players are not able to advance to the level of a pro rummy player.

Practice makes perfect

Finally, pro rummy players are those who keep practicing to ace their rummy game. You can practice with free chips offered to you when you register to play rummy online at Adda52Rummy. With these free chips, you have ample opportunity to hone your rummy playing skills and finally join the cash tournaments, having gained a good amount of skill and experience.

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