What is your realistic “end game” goal for sports betting?

Honest question here. And I stress “realistic”. I mean, it is theoretically possible to turn $1k into $1ml, but would take some crazy luck and time to get there and I don’t see that as being too realistic.

I currently have no end goal for myself, this is more of a side hobby because I love watching sports and I find betting both competitive and fun. At the same time, I’ve thought a little bit about how nice it would be to grow my roll 10x-20x to a far substantial amount to play around with… it would take a lot of time and discipline to even dream of doing that, though. Time that effectively robs me of more lucrative uses of my time (such as investing, work, etc) though generally not as fun.

But even then if I achieved that first 10x mark, I question, would I keep going from there and try to grow that roll another 10x? I mean, unless you’re truly gifted at this, such a path looks daunting. How long do you all plan on going at this for?

I’m just looking for some perspectives / anecdotes here on how people built and managed their rolls, what goals they had, and what choices they made along the way.

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