Why you should upgrade to Hold’em Manager 3

More than a million online poker players have been using Hold’em Manager and their range of complementing products since the initial launch over 13 years ago in 2007.

Released in 2011, the second iteration of the tool has now seen its support ending after 9 years of providing players with top-notch tracking reports and key stats on opponents.

This means, since December 31, 2020, updates or technical support for HM2 are not offered anylonger. Users are still able to log-in and use the software but functionality such as the HUD and hand importing will be significantly impacted when poker sites release updates or add new game types.

The Hold’em Manager team is aiming to redirect all necessary resources on improving and supporting their latest iteration Hold’em Manager 3 which provides the most powerful and eloquent version of the software to date after launching just a year ago in December 2019.

If you decide to upgrade to HM3, don’t forget to make use of our exclusive offer, bringing you up to 2,500 StrategyPoints, depending on the Hold’em Manager 3 package you’re choosing.

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FAQ – End of Support for HM2

Will there be another paid upgrade required after Hold’em Manager 3?

No. There will never be another Hold’em Manager paid upgrade after HM3 since the revenue stream now comes through an annual subscription program to ensure the steady support and maintenance of the software.

If I upgrade to HM3, will I lose my HM2 hand histories?

You will not lose your HM2 hand histories. HM3 has an automated tool to migrate hand histories, notes, player ratings, etc. from your HM2 database. Cash game players and the vast majority of tournament players use this tool rather than manually uploading their hand histories into HM3.

Hold’em Manager 3 in a nutshell

Hold'em Manager 3

As before, the key HUD feature seamlessly overlays key opponent stats directly on all the tables you are playing while state of the art query and built-in report tools provide a post-session analysis for your game and results like never before.

If you haven’t used a tracking software before or would like to see what the new version has to offer, you can try Hold’em Manager 3 for free and download a 14-day trial.

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What’s new in Hold’em Manager 3?

Visual Feedback HUD HM3
Graphical HUD of HM3 for those that value visual simplicity

Hold’em Manager 3 has been improved and complemented in several key areas, turning the already powerful tracking software into an even more versatile tool for any ambitious player:

  • Instinctual New User Interface: HM3 was built from the ground up to deliver a simpler user experience.
  • Situational Views: Key situations are presented as collections of several mini-views within a single dashboard.
  • Personalized Favorite Reports: Create a library of favorite reports, personalized for specific filters and stats.
  • New Graphical HUD Option: The Graphical HUD overlay gives you an insight into the players you are playing against.
  • More Visual & Powerful Hand Filtering: You are no longer limited to predetermined filter combinations from the filter editor.
  • Custom Filter Tool for Power Users: Create powerful filters with the new HMQL queries.
  • HUD Editor for HUD and Pop-ups: The editor was completely redesigned to simplify the process of creating/editing HUDs and Pop-ups.
  • New More Powerful Replayer: The HUD in the HM3 replayer is now up to 5x faster.
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Features in Hold’em Manager 3

HUD – The most recognisable and arguably most useful feature of Hold’em Manager 3. Using the hand histories imported, HM3 will display your choice of statistics on your opponents at the table in real-time, allowing you to deduce player tendencies at a glance. In the latest version, the HUD was completely redesigned to make it faster, and easier to customise to the players needs.
HM3 Live Play
Live Play – This view provides several elements of key feedback while you are playing, amongst them session graph, customisable key stats and performance on each individual table, also enabling you to replay and mark hands for later review.
HM3 Postgame Analysis
Postgame Analysis – HM3 boasts a powerful set of tools to review your game and identify leaks. Choose from over 25 default reports such as results By Position, By Session, By Stakes, By Stack Size or even an analysis of your results vs. particular opponents.
HM3 Situational View
Situational ViewHM3 also introduces a new view on Key situations that are presented as collections of several intuitive mini-views within a single dashboard.
HM3 Hand Filtering
Hand Filtering – You are no longer limited to predetermined filter combinations, instead you can now adjust every AND and OR operator between the filters and combine them for the most powerful filtering ever provided.

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