Will We See Chris Weidman Released From the UFC This Year?

Chris Weidman Poses And Punching Anderson Silva With UFC Logo

  • Chris Weidman is just 2-7 in the UFC dating back to 2015.
  • “The All American” is set to take on Urijah Hall on the main card of UFC 258 in February.
  • Some feel that a loss to Hall could result in Chris Weidman released from the UFC.

Back in July of 2013, Chris Weidman pulled off one of the greatest upsets in UFC history by knocking out Anderson Silva during the prime of his career. It was a turning point for the sport and made Chris one of the biggest stars in MMA. Unfortunately, there’s a chance that we could see Chris Weidman released from the UFC at some point this year.

This sport moves fast. It doesn’t take much for the UFC to hand out pink slips. Today, we’re going to talk about what might lead Weidman to lose his spot on the UFC roster.

Let’s get into it!

Weidman vs. Hall is Officially Booked for UFC 258

Chris Weidman was thought of as one of the best fighters in the UFC for years. His run as champion between 2013 and 2015 was one of the best in middleweight history. He’s been through somewhat of a rough patch in recent years, though.

His string of bad luck began with a 4th-round TKO loss against Luke Rockhold. That began a string of five losses in six fights. In August of 2020, he was matched up with Omari Okhmedov in a fight that he needed to win in order to remain with the UFC.

It wasn’t the prettiest fight in the world, but Weidman did enough to get his hand raised. The victory solidified his standing in the middleweight top-10. Chris is now scheduled to take on Urijah Hall at UFC 258 this upcoming February.

Weidman and Hall have a history together. They first competed back in 2010 while both were up and comers in the sport. Chris Weidman famously earned a knockout in the first round during that bout. A decade later, these two men are scheduled to compete once again.

This is another must-win fight for “The All American.” The UFC has been announcing a huge number of roster cuts over the past few weeks. A loss for Chris could mean the end of his run with the world’s biggest MMA promotion.

Chris seems to recognize this fact, too. He recently spoke to the media about the importance of this upcoming bout.

Here’s What Could Lead to Chris Weidman Released From the UFC This Year

The UFC has always been a promotion that only the best fighters can thrive in. Just two losses in a two can often lead to a fighter being cut from the promotion. This is more so than ever, as the UFC is currently looking to significantly reduce its number of active fighters.

Obviously, this is concerning news for Chris Weidman, who is just 2-7 in the UFC since 2015. The UFC never parted ways with the former champ, though, and continued to book him into big fights. He’s now set to take on Urijah Hall in perhaps the most important fight of his entire career.

This week, Chris was asked about his opinion on the UFC’s roster cuts. He claims that being released is always a possibility. A loss against Hall may see his departure from the promotion, he says.

“I’m not really worried about it but I wouldn’t be surprised,” Weidman said. “There’s nothing that surprises me. I don’t think I’m more special than anybody where they’re just gonna go like, ‘oh, Chris Weidman’s a guy we’re just going to keep forever no matter what.’ If I don’t prove I am a world class fighter and prove that I’m still title challenger ready, then yeah, I can hundred percent see that. It really does put everybody in a position if you’re in the UFC like, ‘oh crap.’ If you’re not winning right now, especially if you’re getting paid a lot of money, it looks like they’re trying to get rid of you and bring these younger guys up who they’re not paying as much money.”

There’s certainly some validity to these comments. Chris Weidman is one of the bigger-earners in the middleweight division. If the UFC no longer feels he can compete with the best fighters, they are likely to let him go somewhere else.

The fight with Urijah Hall is a huge one for both men. Odds are not currently available for this matchup from any major online sports betting websites. We’ll be sure to offer more analysis on this matchup over the next couple of weeks!

Israel Adesanya Still Plans a Move to Light-Heavyweight

The UFC middleweight division is better right now than it has been in many years. Much of that is due to the champion, Israel Adesanya, bringing the weight class so much attention. In just a few years, Adesanya has become one of the biggest stars in MMA.

A rising tide lifts all boats, and there are now some fantastic contenders in the weight class. That includes Chris Weidman and Urijah Hall. Interestingly, Adesanya now feels that he has cleared out the 185-pound weight class and is preparing to make a move up in weight to challenge for the light-heavyweight title.

Officials within the UFC recognize they have a star on their hands with Israel. They seem to be embracing the opportunity for the champ to capture another world title. This could potentially set up a mega-fight with one of the sport’s pound-for-pound best fighters, Jon Jones.

Of course, this is disappointing for many of the middleweights hoping for a shot at the title. Robert Whittaker seems like the clear number-one contender to the belt after his recent win over Jared Cannonier. Based on the way things are going, it could be a year before he managed to fight for the title.

There’s a lot happening at 185 pounds. With another loss, we could see Chris Weidman released from the UFC at some point early next year. A win could set him up for another run towards the world championship.

Do you think Chris Weidman will be let go from the UFC? How do you think his fight against Urijah Hall will play out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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