Wong-Halves Blackjack card counting app


If you only read one Reddit post today, let it be this one!

I am a young “programmer wannabe” and enthusiastic Blackjack card counter. I mainly play on online casino sites, and I was figuring that a computer program can be really helpful to all of us live online casino players.

I have not found any complex apps online for reasonable price, which can combine 3 different counting methods for a:

  • Betting Efficiency of 100%

  • Playing Efficiency of 100%

  • Insurance Efficiency of 100%

So I decided to make it. It is highly customizable, but easy to use, and very self-explanatory for someone, who did card counting in real life. I can assure that no men can use 3 different counting methods at the same time, so using this program takes the player to otherwise unachievable win ratios.

I more than quadrupled my money in 3 months. And at the casino where I play the penetration is not so good. I belive that this program can help anyone make some money with blackjack card counting.

For those of you, who are interested in a program like this, I made a sub-site of my ecommerce site (basically an own website) to this program, where you can get it.

Here is the link


I give a free trial, for trying it out, but the full version is just 10$, so it makes back it’s price in an hour.

Thank you for reading my post and have a nice Christmas!

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