Younique Finds helping local businesses through harvest bingo event

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A local Rapid City business hosted a weekend bingo to get visitors to shop local.

The two-day event featured 12 local businesses.

Younique Finds in Rapid City, hosted a harvest business bingo over the weekend. Cards with the 12 businesses were handed out to participants.

It was a chance for locals to check out businesses they may have never visited. And of course, a great way to boost business within the city.

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Owner Jenn Harlan says there were other businesses interested in the event, but there was only so much space on the bingo card.

“We just appreciate the community,” Harlan said. “They support us and it allows us to do what we love. And you spend your money local with us, that allows us as local business owners to continue to spend our money locally, which is really important. Especially in this time during the pandemic. We just want to encourage the businesses to stay open and the customers to stay safe, but to come out and shop and support local businesses.”

Harlan says she plans to host other events that would highlight Rapid City businesses. For those participating in the harvest business bingo, Younique Finds will hold a live prize drawing on Friday October 30, at 3 p.m.

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